Cloud Migration

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation! Harness the Power of the Cloud.

Modernize your IT infrastructure and update your office work environment! Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, we will help you migrate your data over to the cloud and set up a more flexible work environment.

The majority of organizations today operate both in-office and remote. Migrating to the cloud enables employees to easily log in to a secure work environment, no matter where they are located.

How does it work?

Assessment > Migration > Support

We will scan and assess your current IT infrastructure to determine the best cloud solution and structure for your business environment.

Next, we will map out current system dependencies and use automated cloud management software to smoothly and seamlessly transition your data.

Enjoy ongoing proactive IT network support. We will flag and care for network maintenance and security issues as they arise, as well as provide ongoing cloud management.

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Why the Cloud?

Reduce operating costs

Enjoy significantly cheaper data storage than traditional on-premises storage

Increase IT security

Safeguard against system vulnerabilities with AWS or Microsoft Azure’s state-of-the-art cloud storage network security

Scale to suit your business needs

Add additional employee seats as you grow or reduce seats to optimize organizational efficiency

Flexible work environment

Enable employees to safely log into your organization’s database, wherever they’re working from

Optimized infrastructure efficiency

Enjoy the latest cloud management software releases and fixes, no need to update legacy office infrastructure

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    Cloud services

    BaaS - Cloud back up as a service

    Plan the optimal emergency recovery strategy. Combine the technical advantages of on-premises server backup-up, with the cost savings of cloud storage. We will structure a hybrid data backup system for your business ensuring quick on premises data retrieval with an added layer of cloud backup – at minimum cost.

    DRaaS - Disaster recovery as a service

    Safeguard your business critical data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

    We’ll work with you to craft the optimal disaster recovery plan for your organization, so that when disaster strikes, your organization is ready. Data applications, server data, backup employee work environments, and more – we’ll work together to structure a flexible and efficient  business backup solution.

    IaaS - Infrastructure as a service

    Architect the ideal IT infrastructure for your business success. We will structure a flexible IT platform, fit to expand as your business evolves. Centralize dispersed data centres and support large virtualized workloads for rapid data retrieval and optimal system performance.