Cloud Solutions & Storage

90% of enterprises in the globe are using multi-cloud solutions. - IDC

Migrate your on-premises workload

Cloud IT infrastructure offers companies unprecedented cost flexibility. We work with the two leading cloud storage providers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to provide your company with the business agility it needs to succeed. Whether your company is going through a period of growth or looking to conserve costs, cloud storage solutions allow you to tweak your network plan accordingly.

Building smart workplaces

Digital transformation begins in the cloud
Azure Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s suite of products offers the business tools employees need to collaborate from the office or home, in a smooth and secure digital environment. As certified Microsoft Silver Partners, we’re up-to-date in all the latest Microsoft technologies to transform your businesses’ digital operations. 

Microsoft solutions include

Microsoft 365 Office Apps

Power your employees’ work suite with PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Microsoft’s office suite is the leading solution for businesses today

Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive

Manage all network files from a central and secure cloud location. Microsoft One Drive makes sharing project files and documents easier for the whole team

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate and brainstorm, no matter where your employees are working. Microsoft Teams allows for synchronized video conferencing and remote work meetings, with invitations automatically integrating into your calendar.

Microsoft Security

Multifactor authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies are why Microsoft 365 is the brand companies trust.

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services is the world’s premier cloud solutions provider, offering IT infrastructure solutions on an as-needed basis. We’ll help you organize the ideal AWS cloud network structure for your website, web applications, hosting, and data centres. Our clients choose AWS for the business confidence it provides them with insuring a secure storage environment, without the hassle and added cost of on-premises maintenance.

AWS solutions include

AWS Cloud migration

Migrate your workload with ease using AWS web applications. Innovative products such as AWS Migrations Hub, Server Migration Service, and Application Discovery Service ensure the process is a quick and smooth one.

AWS Content delivery

Speed up and improve your users’ web experience, video content viewing, and API delivery. Amazon provides virtual hosting to ensure all your customers enjoy a smooth, high-quality user experience.

AWS Backup & storage solutions

Scale data backup solutions on demand and enjoy added business agility. Amazon backups offer 99.9% data durability, storing your company’s information across a minimum of three devices in a single region.

AWS Marketplace

Seamlessly integrate all of your third-party business solutions. Amazon Marketplace allows businesses to find, test buy and deploy from the comfort of their platform.

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