Cloud Solutions & Storage

Advance your business to new heights. Harness the power of the cloud.

Cloud computing and storage are fast becoming the IT service industry standard, thanks to the efficiency, scalability and virtual access that they provide business owners with. The cloud offers a far more cost efficient OPEX option, in favour of the large upfront hardware costs and systems licensing that its more traditional CAPEX counterpart provides.


Businesses looking for a more agile IT backend, with reduced “time to develop” and faster “time to market” have been opting in favour of a core cloud infrastructure.

Allow us to transform your business by designing and implementing the cloud based system that will best accelerate your application, development and deployment times. We work with all the top cloud technologies including: Azure, AWS, Office365 and more. Cloud solutions such as these offer your business the flexibility it requires to scale up as you grow or scale back as your needs shift.

Looking to migrate your on-premises legacy system to Office 365?

We’ll be happy to help you make the leap. Chip Systems are fully certified Microsoft Office 365 Partners.



Does your business store large amounts of data? Chip Systems works with all the leading cloud storage solutions, enabling you to eliminate the need for expensive on premises hardware and upkeep.

Virtual storage solutions provide a secure and cost efficient method of data storage, as a pay-on-demand service. Scale up or scale back on the amount of storage used, as your business develops.

Take your business up a notch! Cloud solutions and storage offer the IT agility, flexibility, and scalability required to compete in today’s technical landscape. And with their increased cost-efficiency over traditional solutions, it’s no wonder that most businesses today have implemented some form of cloud technology.

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